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February 4, 2021

The New Puzzledsite!

"Oh, you've redecorated. I don't like it...."

Oh look, a new design for ThePuzzledsite!

Yeah, I've gotten bored of the old look to be perfectly honest. When I had the original idea for ThePuzzledsite, I had the thought of it being a flexible look, having different themes, easily accessible from the home page of the site. Honestly, looking back, I think that's just a bit too ambitious for my liking. So, I've decided to do a new look, a bit more within my liking.

Like Kugee and Rich of The Old Net, I've very much missed the old style of the internet and how... well, different from the rest every website looked. So, while taking some reference to my old sites (and also Razorback), I decided -- for this more universal design -- on this more Geocities-esque look, which I feel fits my more, stuck-in-the-2000s feel that I personally enjoy.

So, What's Different?

For one, the lack of different layouts. For now, it's just this aforementioned Geocities-like look. But the good thing is it hopefully works well with WebTV (I won't judge) and Dreamcast browsers. Not sure about PSP browsers though. Ah well, we'll see once I got the thing taken care of. (Also, I've made sure to compress all images to fit within 256-color displays as much as I possibly can.)

What About the Old Design?

Don't worry. As I mentioned on the updates page, the original idea of the website (as it was) is archived on the Wayback Machine, mostly to save time on just moving all the links manually. xD

I'll eventually return to the old idea I had for ThePuzzledsite, but for now I think it's just gonna stay like this until I learn how to do an easier, smarter way of handling everything.


I think that's about it for the site updates, so until then, stay puzzled....

Or neurodivergent, whatever makes more sense for you. Admittedly neurodivergent is a lot more morally-friendly, but-- okay I'm just gonna end it here before I get into something different than what I made this blogthing post about, I'll see y'all later lol.

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