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Bear with us, this is just a basic starter page for now. I'll do one more consistent with the main site's design, I promise....

What is the Initiative?

The FKP Initiative is an attempt to give some amount of life to the controversial Sonic the Hedgehog franchise through a semi-original canon combining all the more familiar elements with elements that are equally as obscure in an attempt to bring more awareness/acceptance of the fractured canon that is Sonic the Hedgehog through the medium of independent animations and comics.

What can I contribute?

Really, anything possible! If you're good with sound design, music, writing, voice acting, animation, art, social media and other marketing, then don't hesitate to contact us with a pitch and/or portfolio/reel!

How do i contact you guys?

Feel free to check out our Discord! And if you decide to join the Initiative, welcome!

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